Okay, you've heard so many acronyms by now around health and safety that BBS sounds like just another three-letter fad, right? Wrong! BBS programmes turn the old approach on its head. Behaviour Based Safety is about understanding what keeps us safe and acting on it, not just nodding along to more regulations.

First developed by Toyota, the ‘Just-In-Time’ (JIT) management approach is all about getting what you need exactly when you need it – and not before or after.

Just about seven in every ten people worldwide now use a mobile device (DataReportal): last year users aged 16–64 spent an average of 3.8 hours daily on their phones (Independent).

So, here’s a situation you might be all too familiar with: the team are keen to pick up a new skill and the company performance stands to benefit, but the change is proving somehow hard to implement...

Ever get the feeling your performance could be better even though you have ‘tried everything’? Stuck for ideas on how to improve? More often than not it is, in fact, unexpected errors that are undermining our performance...

Everyone knows that good habits are essential, whether at work or at home. Given that most of our actions are habitual, habit building should be a continuous..

Errors, even smaller ones, have a bigger impact on your life than you probably know. That’s because we each make, at a minimum..