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welcome to youFactors®

You are about to embark on a journey toward a safer way of interacting with the world around you. YouFactors® will be your guide along the way. Although you will be proceeding independently, you and your co-workers will be moving through the learning journey simultaneously.

You will begin with a series of 60-minute eLearning courses, each spaced several weeks apart. They will introduce you to the term “critical errors” and give you techniques for avoiding them. These techniques are especially helpful when you are in moments of rushing, frustration, fatigue or when your mind wanders and you become complacent during routine tasks (we call these moments “states”).





You will receive push notifications between each course inviting you to complete a 3- to 5-minute Refresher Capsule to help you develop better habits. You may also meet in person with co-workers for safety talks and discussion groups between units.

YouFactors® provides you with a personal dashboard that shows where you are – what you have completed and what’s left to go. The learning units are only the beginning of the journey.

Next you will be invited to practice the techniques you learn using special tools in YouFactors®, such as “Anticipating Errors by Evaluating your State”. And, you will also have access to a social media-style Story Feed in which you can read real-life stories from your colleagues and share your own safety stories.

Stories and sharing are an important aspect of the YouFactors® journey. We invite you to share what you’re learning with your friends and family and to observe co-workers to see how their behaviour is changing throughout the journey.

Finally, the most important recommendation we have for getting the most out of this process is to practice your new skills at work, at home and on the road

Practice your new skills at work … at home … on the road.

Your next step is to get your licensed-user login information provided by your employer and begin your journey by downloading the app.