Mistakes happen when you least expect them.

As we all know, even a small error in your workplace can have far-reaching consequences and disrupt your entire workflow. However, errors can be prevented – by understanding and addressing the underlying causes of why mistakes happen. Notably, 90% of consequential errors are unintentional. Thus, taking a human-centered, proactive approach to behavioral change can go a long way towards significantly reducing error rates. 

Download our Whitepaper to know how the YOUFactors digital nudge platform can help in addressing behavioural change to reduce errors that can cause severe damage to employee motivation and improve overall productivity and employee satisfaction. 

As a personal companion, YOUFactors empowers you and every member of your team to minimise errors and maximise productivity. Not just in the workplace, but also at home. Nudging you to small, habitual changes that make enhanced safety and performance become second nature.